Monday 17 July 2006

recipe carousel #5 - soup

This past week in Sydney has been quite cold and therefore the theme for this week’s Recipe Carousel is soup.

I love soup. I simply cannot get enough of the stuff because it’s usually so filling and warming yet provides me with much needed hydration since I don’t drink any water. Yes, yes I know I’m naughty but there’s nothing worse than a stomach full of sloshing water.

Chestnut & Lentil Soup comes from Emma in New Zealand (The Laughing Gastronome). Having seen chestnuts for sale in my green grocer I’ve often wondered what to do with them. Emma provides an excellent idea with this rich soup flavoured with fresh herbs. Photo courtesy of Emma.

Rasam is a tamarind flavoured soup from Priya in the USA (Sugar and Spice). This broth uses a lot of spices and herbs to flavour it and from the list of ingredients I imagine it would be a delicious sour and spicy treat. Photo courtesy of Priya.

Magiritsa with Oyster Mushrooms is Stevi in Greece’s (Bread and Butter) vegan version of a traditional Greek lamb soup served at Easter. It looks rich and meaty even though it’s completely animal free. It’s flavoured with some of my favourite things – lemon, artichokes, herbs and mushrooms – so I’m keen to try this one. Photo courtesy of Stevi.

Balik Corbasi or fish stew has been posted by Binnur in Canada (Binnur’s Turkish Cookbook). This rich broth is chunky with potatoes, tomatoes and Binnur’s choice of fish, smelt. Top with fresh herbs and eat with crusty bread. Photo courtesy of Binnur.

Hot & Sour Soup is the offering from Stephen in Taiwan (Eating China). Also known as Suan La Tang, this soup is very strong flavoured and hearty but uses some potentially frightening ingredients such as congealed pig’s blood. Don’t let that put you off – chances are you’ve already eaten this many times in Chinese cooking without even knowing it. Photo courtesy of Stephen.

Gulaš (or goulash) is a famous stew/soup with origins in Central Europe. This recipe was written up by Rachel in Slovakia (Slovak Spectator) which is a newspaper and not a blog. Yes, I’m cheating on my own blogging event here but I love gulaš and so I wanted to share this recipe with you. This particular recipe comes from eastern Slovakia and via a man named Miroslav Karpaty, whose surname relates to the Carpathian Mountains where my own paternal family hails from. Photo courtesy of the Slovak Spectator.

Chilled Peach Soup is the final recipe for the week and is a unique and summery take on the soup theme from Christiane in the USA (28 Cooks). She uses fruit juices, peaches, yoghurt, white wine and cracked pepper to create what she would rate as one of her top five recipes of all time. Sounds good, looks good and therefore likely to taste very good. Photo courtesy of Christiane.

That’s it from Recipe Carousel for another week.

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