Thursday 26 October 2006


Recently Jonas and I received three international care packages.

To our utter delight our very thoughtful friends and family brought us back some treats from recent holidays.

First, Roberto came back from Mexico with Jonas’ drug of choice – Valentina sauce. He also brought the smoky flavours of chipotle in the form of Mexico’s famous Lucero sauce. I was not forgotten with a tetra pak of salsa verde, my favourite sauce because of the tangy, sourness of the tomatillos and the fiery chilli.

Next arrival was Vicky’s magnifique assortment of goodies from her month in Lyon: orange blossom lozenges, Dijon mustard flavoured with currants, a dainty bottle of Poire William eau di vie, Versinthe and raspberry infused dark chocolate and a small tin of Valrhona chocolates. Little did Vicky know of my obsession with violet flavoured candy and so the surprise pièce de résistance were the hard violet bonbons.

Last but not least was the final restocking of our extensive sauce cabinet courtesy of my father and stepmother. They hauled back bottles of sauces from the US which are impossible to find in Sydney: Jack Daniel’s BBQ sauce, Liquid Smoke to add flavour to Jonas’ veggie burgers, smoky chipotle flavoured Tabasco and my all time favourite chilli sauce, Louisiana Hot Sauce (flavoured with cayenne and vinegar).

With friends like these, who needs to go shopping!


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  1. 3 care packages...wowsers that is a lot of food love :D


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