Monday 9 October 2006

recipe carousel #17 - cocktails

Summer is coming down under and this means one thing to me: cocktails!

Last night I kicked the season off with my own little Pink Pudding, but here are seven other cocktail recipes for you to enjoy this week.

Raspberry Champagne Cocktail. Posie in Switzerland (Posie's Place) celebrates the arrival of a holiday with her take on a Kir Royale. Fresh raspberries are muddled with Crème de Framboise and Black Label Smirnoff before being topped with Moet et Chandon. Tres magnifique! Photo courtesy of Posie.

Lemon Vanilla Fizz is a pretty ditty from Haalo in Australia (Cook (almost) Anything At Least Once). Haalo muddles lemon leaves with a vanilla pod and some Limoncino Romanoli, then tops with crushed ice and soda. A wonderful, sparkling drink. Photo courtesy of Haalo.

Yoghurt Soju is an exciting new concept for me, introduced by Zen Kimchi in Korea (Zen Kimchi). Soju is Korea’s favourite spirit and is a rice based alcohol. In this recipe, Zen Kimchi mixes yoghurt, soju and lemon soda (such as Sprite or 7-UP) to create a sour, fizzy alcoholic delight. Sounds good to me. Photo courtesy of Zen Kimchi.

Basilcello from Ilva in Italy (Lucullian Delights) uses the same principles as the famous Italian liqueur limoncello, but focuses on Italy’s favourite herb instead. Basil is steeped in pure alcohol then mixed with sugar syrup and drunk icy cold for a sweet, peppery sipper. Photo courtesy of Ilva.

Spiked WaterM is a playful concoction from Jeff (aka WheresMyMind) in the USA (C for Cooking). My favourite spirit, tequila, is blended with lime juice, sugar syrup and chunks of fresh watermelon. Topped off with melon and orange liqueurs this makes an easy going drink to share with all your partay monkays. Photo courtesy of Jeff.

Apricot Daiquiri. Meeta in Germany (What's For Lunch Honey) has created the perfect Ladies Drink. Apricots are lightly poached to remove their skins then blended with smooth rum, ice, lemon juice and yummy apricot liqueur. This is the ultimate, sophisticated drink for sassy women who love to be a bit girly. My kind of drink! Photo courtesy of Meeta.

Gingerade is an exciting discovery from Carolyn in Zimbabwe (Field to Feast). Suffering from regular shortages of soda, fuel, bread and sugar, Carolyn and Mark celebrate the return of ginger beer to their supermarket shelves by creating this cocktail containing peach or apricot juice, lemon juice and brandy – and ginger beer! Sit back, relax and enjoy the soda while it lasts. Photo courtesy of Carolyn.

I have a whole bunch of cocktail recipes in my repertoire, but those I’ve blogged about already include yesterday’s Pink Pudding, Sgroppino (lemon sorbet & vodka), Boozy Hot Chocolate, Fläderblom Martini (elderflower), Glögg (Swedish mulled wine), Piña y Menta Fresca (pineapple & mint) and I road tested Haalo’s Tangelo Caprioska.

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  1. Thanks Anna for including me, I'm really getting spoilt!

  2. all those drinks look so delightful! I'll try not to make all of them in one night, though! ;)

    My favorite drink: Tequila Mojito

  3. Man...I don't know where to many groovy drinks, looks like some fun nights :)

  4. Thanks Anna - so nice of you to include me. Now there's more drinks to try!

  5. Hi Anna, the list looks fantastic. Thank you for including me to this superlative cocktail list. Look forward to try them all --- hic!!


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