Monday, 23 October 2006

recipe carousel #19 - berries

With summer slowly making it’s way to Sydney, I’m looking forward to better berry access.

This week’s theme celebrates the sweet and tart attributes of berries.

I have included cherries in this bunch, because although I know they are stone fruits and not berries, they are still small, exciting little morsels that make wonderful desserts.

Blackberry Rock is a great way to cool down on a hot summer’s day and is provided by Archana in the USA (Spicyana). Yoghurt, crushed blackberries and a splash of ginger are mixed together then frozen coarsely to create a textured, adult slushy. Photo courtesy of Archana.

Mannavaht comes from Pille in Estonia (Nami Nami). Semolina is boiled with berry juice or puree until it becomes a thick porridge. The cooled mixture is whisked and then served with milk. Simple Estonian comfort food. Photo courtesy of Pille.

Blueberry & Pine Nut Foccacia was a simple invention from Ilva in Italy (Lucullian Delights) These are some of the bluest blueberries I’ve ever seen! Not slate-blue but black, shiny and pulsing with colour. Ilva tops her usual focaccia dough with these gorgeous berries, sugar and pine nuts to create a sweet treat. Delish! Photo courtesy of Ilva.

Blackberry, Pear, Mango & Almond Gratins are quirky little puddings from MarketMan in the Philippines (Market Manila). A mixture of almond meal, vanilla, sugar, eggs and cream is baked with pieces of ripe fruit and topped with a flaked almond crust. MarketMan highly recommends this recipe as a successful dinner party finale. Photo courtesy of MarketMan.

Sour Cherry Clafouti. Being allergic to almost all fruit must be impossible, but Christiane in the USA (28 Cooks) makes the most of the fruits she can eat: citrus and berries. Christiane uses up an excess of sour cherries with this delicious recipe for a pudding-like cake flavoured with vanilla and almond. Photo courtesy of Christiane.

Baked Nectarines & Cherries w Ginger & White Chocolate Ice Cream. David in France (David Lebovitz) shares a summer recipe of stone fruits and creamy chocolate ice. David bakes his fresh summer fruit with cassonade sugar, rum and kirsch and the white chocolate ice cream is given a spicy kick with fresh ginger. Scooped atop a heap of the warm, stone fruit it’s a dream come true. Photo courtesy of David.

Blueberry Crisp is an easy dessert using fresh or frozen berries from Karina in the USA (Gluten Free Goddess). Gluten free flour is crumbed with brown sugar, cinnamon and butter then baked over the fruit until crispy. Easy, quick and oh so good. Photo courtesy of Karina.

And if you’re wondering why strawberries weren’t mentioned, it’s because I covered them in a previous Recipe Carousel.

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  1. Argh, I still haven't made that broad bean mash and here's another round of recipes to consider (especially that blackberry and yoghurt slushy). Mental note, must go to Norton St grocer and buy fresh broad beans.

  2. they're gone now! no more bread beans there. perhaps they'll get another batch soon but you have to grab them while you can because they don't last long!

  3. Oh poo. Okay, no more faffing about, I WILL search some out this week - maybe Fratelli Fresh, or if I get over to Five Dock this week?

  4. Thanks so much for the [Blueberry Crisp] shout out!

    Enjoy your berry weather. We're into soups and stews here. It's pumpkin and apple pie time. Cheers! Karina

  5. Hi Anna, thanks for visiting my blog.
    Wowww, what a nice recipe carousel you have here. The photos look fabulous too.

  6. Hi, I just discovered your blog and here is the link to one of my recipes: a blackcurrant vegan pie, but... it's in french!


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