Saturday 14 October 2006

quiz: food facts & fallacies

When researching my poppy seed post, I found a great little MythBusters quiz about food facts and fallacies.

I was pretty proud to get 12/13 questions correct. The only one I got wrong was the very first one about turkey.

Let me know how you go on the quiz too.



  1. Sigh. I am *not* a foodie. Only 9 correct. I'm embarrased to say I second-guessed the Jello question and got it wrong. Along with a few others!

  2. maybe having watched the mythbusters show gave me an unfair advantage :)

    but most of the stuff i'd learnt from wikipedia, dare i admit.

  3. 12/13 . . . and i plan to be very selective of my coffee from now on.


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