Monday 16 October 2006

recipe carousel #18 - dips

Last week's Recipe Carousel was all about the cocktail, so why not match up with some dips to go along.

Here's seven dip recipes to keep those cocktail revellers sated and on their feet:

Sumac & Beetroot Dip is sourced from JenJen in Australia (Milk & Cookies). JenJen tries to ween friends onto the mature flavour of beetroot through the non-confrontational medium of the dip. In her recipe roasted beets and onions are blended with sultanas, ginger, balsamic, yoghurt and sumac, a tangy Middle Eastern spice. Photo courtesy of JenJen.

Broad Bean & Mint Mash could be a dip, a spread or a side dish and comes from Ulrike in Germany (K├╝chenlatein). Potato is boiled in stock until tender then mashed with softened broad beans, chopped mint and heaps of parmesan cheese. Sprinkle with olive oil and you have yourself a tasty treat. Photo courtesy of Ulrike.

Pepita, Cherry Tomato & Sage Dip comes from Mellie in Australia (Tummy Rumbles). Dry fried pepitas (pumpkin seeds) are combined with oven roasted onion, cherry tomatoes, sage and chilli before processing into a smooth dip to eat with corn chips, toasted bread or pita crisps. Photo courtesy of Mellie.

Hot Cheesy Artichoke Dip is a Thanksgiving recipe from Kalyn in the USA (Kalyn's Kitchen). Artichoke hearts are pulsed with mayonnaise, parmesan, shredded cheese, onion powder and Anaheim chillies. This is then baked until the flavours meld. Photo courtesy of Kalyn.

Muhammara is a fiery red dip from Binnur in Canada (Turkish Cookbook). Binnur roasts red peppers and blends them with walnuts, garlic, breadcrumbs, cumin and olive oil to create a dip with a pesto-like texture and a spicy kick. Photo courtesy of Binnur.

White Bean & Nut Butter Dip is simple "emergency-dip" from Clotilde in France (Chocolate & Zucchini). By using ingredients that are mostly on hand (canned white beans, peanut butter, tahini, lime juice, sundried tomatoes and chilli sauce) Clotilde has come up with an addictive, creamy treat that's great served with veggie sticks. Photo courtesy of Clotilde.

Apple & Red Onion Tzatziki is an exciting twist on regular tzatziki from Anne in Sweden (Anne's Food). Grated red apple replaces cucumber and honey and white pepper give this dip a little something extra. This is another one of my original Recipe Carousel entries that's getting another plug under an appropriate theme. Photo courtesy of Anne.

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  1. This is a great recipe carousel Anna, what a great collection of recipes. I'd seen the beetroot dip (from I Love Milk & Cookies) before, but broad bean and mint mash and the rest - yum! Thanks for these links and suggestions.

  2. Anna, these all look so good. I've just saved this under "dips" in my cookbook. Thanks for including my artichoke dip.

  3. What a great dip-collection. I did the same as Kalyn. Thank you for mentioning my recipe.


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