Friday 26 May 2006

max brenner - chocolate by the bald man

"Chocolate portrays romance, sensuality, passion, addiction, prestige, warmth, sex, love and nostalgia." Chocolate according to the bald man.
When Max Brenner's first Australian chocolate bar opened in Sydney in 2000 it was brilliant. This Israeli chain now has eight stores in NSW and four in Victoria. They also have a chocolate distribution network including Dean & Deluca and Felissimo (New York), Harrods (London) and selected David Jones stores (Australia). Max Brenner serves great summer milkshakes and equally good winter warmers. My favourites are the bitter dark chocolate frappes, smooth hot chocolates with Danish toffee melted through and the famous suckao: a tea light candle heated pot of milk to which you add shaved chocolate and decide the intensity of your own hot chocolate. The cup designs are very sleek too (I got these photos from their latest catalogue). The only problem is that the stores get so full and squashy and the funky little wooden stools look great but aren’t so comfy to sit on. But I won’t complain about a place where I can inhale masses of chocolate all year round.


  1. San Churro is such a better option. There's one on Brunswick st. Next time you're down I challenge you to a choc off.

  2. If they have churros I'll be there for sure!!!


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