Tuesday 30 May 2006

poodle cake on stinky's day

Couldn't resist putting this photo up, even though I wasn't the author of this canine masterpiece. My pal, Rob (aka Lustm), scooted off to Tasmania last weekend for his niece, Airlie's, first birthday party. Airlie's clever mummy, Jodie, made this sweet poodle cake and since it's just so adorable I couldn't resist posting the photo.

Speaking of birthdays, today my lovely little sister Amy gets another year older. Unfortunately she's on the other side of the world in London, or Spain, or is it Morocco – I've lost track! Let's just say she's far away and has been since she began her nomadic lifestyle almost two years ago.

Let's just name a few of the places she's been since she left: Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, China, Tibet, Nepal, India, Egypt, Spain, Italy, UK, Finland, France, Andorra, Netherlands and Turkey. Since she’s lives in ye olde London, there are a lot of other interesting weekend trips in the pipeline!

Happy Birthday Stinky! I miss you.


  1. that is a verrrrrrry cute cake!

  2. loved the poodle cake :)
    very amusing.

  3. i'm hoping you're still reading posts from this blog. the cake is adorable! i would like to ask how this was made? what is the flavor of the cake? i'm planning on making one next week for a birthday party. thanks!

  4. sorry frapr, i didn't make the cake and i didn't even get to taste it!

    i just put the photo up since it was so cute.


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