Wednesday, 24 May 2006

ooohhh, so queasy

I’ve had a little bit of a stomach set back today after a massive dinner last night and probably too many glasses of bad red wine.

We had our agency’s 06-07 business planning in Canberra and the entire Sydney office flew to join our Canberra colleagues in a talk fest. Lunch was a pile of terrible rolls stuffed with unidentifiable fillings, and worse there weren’t even enough for everyone. I found a lonesome salami roll and even though it looked extremely suspect, open with the avocado browning, I was so hungry I ate it anyway.

Dinner was a three course meal which started off with slices of duck breast on a bean sprout, coriander and fetta salad. It was a weird combination which tasted pretty good, although my ravenous state from lack of lunch could have affected my opinion somewhat. Some of my colleagues were put off by the thick edges of duck fat attached to the breast, but I thought it added flavour - mind you, I’ve always been partial to eating fat.

Or it could have been the terrible red wine: a cabernet merlot that was over oaked and even tasted slightly frizzante. I drank my fair share of this, even though every time I put the glass to my lips I complained about the taste.

So that is my terrible confession. Now I’ve admitted my crimes, I hope my stomach can forgive me and I’ll start to feel better again.

No more bad sandwiches, no more duck fat and no more bad red wine – at least for a few days.

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