Friday 19 May 2006

fridge contents from thu 18 may 06

This is just proof of my tendencies to make pointless lists.
american mustard; dijon mustard; mustard fruits; tomato paste; valentina sauce (mexican chilli sauce); ketchup; bbq sauce; jack daniels bbq sauce no 7; italian salad dressing; paul newman’s caesar dressing; swedish style caviar; cream; sour cream; salsa piccantina (spicy italian paste); tandoori paste; horseradish cream; mango relish; tahini; tom yum paste; chargrilled & marinated capsicum (homemade); gari (japanese pickled ginger); capers; jalapeños in brine; green olives; kalamata olives; cheddar; gorgonzola piccante; grana padano; tasty cheese; tofu burgers; hommous (homemade); lebanese bread; eggs; bread; jalapeño jelly; cloudberry jam; lingonberry jam; gooseberry jam; milka yoghurt chocolate; sugar syrup (homemade); snus (swedish oral tobacco); milk; mineral water; tropical juice x 2; ginger beer; grapefruit soda; tonic water; ruffino lumina pinot grigio (friuli-venezia giulia, italy 04); two churches riesling (barossa valley 05); tosti moscato d’asti (piemonte, italy); ursus sloe vodka; grand boulard solage calvados; bollinger special cuvee brut nv; red oak lettuce; lebanese cucumbers; zucchini; sauerkraut (central european pickled cabbage); pickled beetroot; parsley; coriander; corella pears; granny smith apples.
puff pastry; filo pastry; lemon sorbet; mango frozen yoghurt; strawberry ice cream (homemade); cauliflower gratin; edamame; beans; carrots; corn & peas; swedish meatballs; svenska nubbar (swedish aquavit).


  1. Valentina sauce does not require refrigeration. But thanks for caring.

  2. Try telling that to my fiance Jonas! He thinks everything requires refrigeration. Anyway, this valentina sauce has a new style cap where you puncture a hole in the top and therefore can't seal it up again. I guess it's better to be safe than sorry considering we can't buy the sauce in Australia and have to get our friends to lug it back with them everytime they go to Mexico.

  3. i am truly inspired by your list! mustard fruits? wow. love how organized it all sounds! glad to know i am not the only ocd list maker out there...



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