Saturday 27 May 2006

rosewater cupcakes

This is a recipe I created myself from a combination of various cake recipes on the net.

I first trialled it when hosting a friend's bridal shower and then I repeated the recipe for my own engagement party.

The cupcakes are light, delicious and look so very girly.

Rosewater Cupcakes
Anna's recipe. Makes 24.

375g butter, softened
6 eggs, room temperature
1½ cups caster sugar
1½ cups plain flour
¾ cup self raising flour
¾ cup almond meal
2 teaspoons rosewater
2 teaspoons rosewater
1-2 drops pink food colouring
1 tablespoon milk
1½ cups icing sugar
1. Preheat oven to 180°C. Grease two 12-hole patty tins. Line with paper cupcake holders.
2. Beat butter, rosewater and sugar in large bowl with electric beaters until very light and fluffy. Gradually beat in eggs, one at a time. Be sure to beat well to allow good aeration.
3. Stir in almond meal and flours.
4. Drop heaped tablespoons of mixture into cupcake holders. Bake for approximately 30-40mins or until cupcakes are lightly golden. Remove from tin and cool on wire rack.
5. For icing, mix rosewater, food colouring and 1 cup icing sugar. Once combined, gradually add milk until you reach the correct consistency. Add more icing sugar if needed. Spread over completely cooled cupcakes.


  1. You forgot to list the eggs -- how many???

  2. sorry about that. eggs are now in there!

  3. awwhhh i definitely am gonna give this a try!
    thanks for the recipe!
    i'd like to share this entry on facebook too :D


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