Thursday 18 May 2006

illuminati campirosa - rosé wine

I'm prolific today. This is my third little babble. I want to tell you about another yummy wine. Two days ago I was home alone while Jonas was doing another of his 12 hour shifts and so I decided to duck into Vintage Cellars and grab myself a bottle of wine for consolation. Since the chances were high that I wouldn’t finish the whole bottle alone (I’m not an alcoholic yet), I needed to get something cheap to justify it. I also considered that buying something tasty while Jonas was slaving away was a bit mean, so I veered towards the rosé fridge because I know Jonas isn’t keen on rosé. Having picked the near cheapest in stock, I scuttled off home to my wine and tuna salad (which was not mayonnaise based, thank you very much). Well, let me tell you: $9.99 was well spent on my 2004 Illuminati Campirosa made 100% from Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOC (Controlled Denomination of Origin). The vineyard is in the north-east of Abruzzo (one of Italy's Adriatic regions) and whatever they’re doing it’s working. Even Jonas, who came home at 1am and spotted the bottle precariously perched in the fridge, enjoyed rosé for the first time: he finished it off, the rascal! I don’t know enough lingo to describe the wine to an aficionado, but it was cherry pink in colour, had a floral scent and a light, fresh and fruity flavour with a dry finish. But it didn’t have a bitter aftertaste like so many cheap wines often do. Pretty much how they describe it on their website, which was the best of all - the English content looked like they’d used Babelfish and ended up with some bizarre Italian-English hybrid language (eg “It is accompanied to appetizers, salumi light, sweet cheeses, plates made up of fish and meats white women, it deforms you of vegetables”). But for $9.99 a pop, who’s complaining?

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