Wednesday 24 May 2006

i'm not so keen on . . .

In honour of my upset stomach, I have compiled a small list of some foods I’m not so keen on:
capsicum (pepper) – They look so good and I keep trying them because they seem like something that would be so good to enjoy, but I just don’t like capsicum.
pumpkin – I used to love it as a kid, and even ate the soup until 7yrs ago, but something has happened to make me think that pumpkin is something you should only feed to horses.
polenta – Boring, boring, boring. Give me pasta anyday.
couscous – See polenta.
fennel – sometimes I don’t mind it (like when it’s freshly shaved in a salad), but it’s very aniseed in flavour and anything aniseed is borderline for me. Jonas caramelises fennel in balsamic vinegar and, even though everyone else swoons for this recipe, I just can’t stomach it myself.
jerusalem artichokes – I’m sure I ate this as a kid and something bad happened because it’s not so much the flavour as an anxious feeling the flavour triggers.
okra – Slimey, need I say more.
gnocchi – They don’t seem to have much flavour on their own and since they aren’t small you can easily get a mouthful of sticky potato blob nothingness. I know this is harsh, but it’s how I feel.
pomegranate – I love the juice, I love the syrup, but I just don’t get all the fuss about eating it fresh. What a hassle to pick out all those little seeds from the pith when the reward is a short burst of tartness followed by a large piece of seed.
End of whinge.


  1. Okra. Ugh!!!!!

    And brussels sprouts.

  2. Yes, and brussel sprouts. That's another one that I keep trying (because they loook so good) but I just can't get into them.

  3. I must admit, they do look pretty, esp in the fall when you can buy them still on the stalk. I used the to decorate a centrepiece last Thanksgiving!


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