Thursday 11 May 2006

ice cream & gelato

When I think of ice cream, I usually think of Rome. I spent 7 months eating my way through the city’s gelaterie. In general, gelato in Rome (or perhaps even in Italy) is much better than in Australia because they usually use fresh fruit and real ingredients to create massive flavour explosions. Your chocolate gelato doesn’t come out looking like coloured milk but tastes like a bittersweet black mud of gooey goodness. Here are some of my favourite ice cream experiences:
Glacé, Sydney – plum pudding (dried fruits & spices in chocolate ice cream)
Serendipity, Sydney – black sesame; chilli passionfruit
Tetsuya’s, Sydney – sticky rice & white truffle (as in tuber magnatum pico)
Connoisseur, Sydney – strawberry; cookies & cream; chocolate honey nougat
Godiva, NY – chocolate raspberry truffle (dark Belgian chocolate ice cream with a raspberry coulis swirl and pieces of soft chocolate truffle)
San Crispino, Rome – il gelato di San Crispino (cream flavoured with bitter-honey from Sardinia); meringue (with crunchy pieces inside)
Gel’Istria, Rome – strawberry yoghurt; granita di fragola (shaved strawberry ice) [Piazza Istria, Rome +39 06 85 57 491]

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